Dago Dream Park

Dago Dream Park

Dago Dream Park Bandung

Hallo kak....ada wahana baru nih di Dago Dreampark. Yaitu wahana Coral Land, salah satu wahana yang cocok untuk foto selfie dengan konsep film jinny oh jinny. Yu jangan lupa datang yah ke Dago Dreampark.

Rincian Wahana Coral Land– Dago Dreampark:

  • Tipe Wahana : Tiket A
  • Harga : Silahkan Kontak Kami
  • Dilarang membawa makanan dan minuman ke area
  • Minimal usia : 12 tahun
  • Dilarang merusak fasilitas area
  • Maksimal 2 orang sekali masuk

Rasakan serunya wahanaCoral Land di Dago Dreampark.

Hubungi Kami



Indonesia is famous as the equatorial emerald country, because it is right on the Equator, creating extraordinary natural beauty. Its cultural diversity is a mirror of the legacy of the agrarian beauty and natural wealth of the archipelago. With the natural beauty and cultural diversity of the archipelago, Indonesia has become a strong magnet that attracts the interest of domestic and foreign tourists to come to visit a tourist attraction. As basically, if a place has an appeal and uniqueness, it will be a strong magnet for the world of tourism. The tourism sector is able to accelerate economic growth and provide employment, increase income and stimulate other productive sectors. So for this we need a combination of a variety of tourism resources that are closely related directly or indirectly to further stimulate the tourism sector in Indonesia, especially tourism that is based on the formation of the natural environment (Natural attraction) and cultural magnets (Cultural attraction) which have low accessibility.



Over time, starting from the sausage house on Jalan Setiabudi No.294 in August 2007, Dago Dreampark has a fairly long history and experience in managing tourist attractions. With the development of time and to meet the demand of the tourism market in Bandung, then in July 2016 opened Dago Dreampark in the area of Lembang, which is a mountain nature tour with beautiful pine trees, beautiful and cool. Dago Dreampark with an area of 13 hectares is a natural tourist attraction that presents the natural atmosphere of the mountains with a variety of rides photo spots Instagramable between Other, Alladin Carpets, Sky Tree, Sky Bike, Up House, Love Seat, Flying Louge, there are also other tours such as Flying Fox, Kora-Kora, ATV etc. Since opening in 2016, Dago Dreampark continues to experience rapid development and continues to absorb the tourism market in the city of Bandung, and has become one of the favorite tourist destinations for national and international tourists.



Vision And Mission Dago Dreampark


“ Become the main destination of National Tourist Destinations known Abroad, Family Friendly Travel, unique tours and create unforgettable unforgettable moments for all visitors“.



Creating jobs through the tourism sector.

Build and increase awareness of caring for the environment.

Maintaining the quality of the mountains, the ecosystem of tourism destinations and protecting the environment in the Dago Dreampark Ecotourism Area, both culture, flora, fauna and its natural uniqueness.

Realizing Sapta Pesona Wisata:

1. Security

2. Order

3. Cleanliness

4. Coolness

5. Beauty

6. Friendliness

7. The memories

Can generate more financial value to investors, owners and provide welfare to all employees.

Becoming an inspiration in the tourism sector in developing nationally and internationally.

Promoting effectively and intensively through a variety of planned and consistent marketing strategies.


Wahana Dago Dreampark

Selain menyajikan pemandangan alam dengan hutan pinusnya yang indah, nyaman dan asri, Dago Dreampark juga mempunyai wahana-wahana bermain, spot foto serta menampilkan bangunan-bangunan bernuansa Jawa dan Bali.
Selain menyajikan wisata alam dan permainan, pengunjung juga dapat menikmati aneka hidangan yang ada di Dago Dreampark dengan harga terjangkau.
Lihat Wahana Dago Dreampark

Ini dia keseruan lomba agustusan yang di gelar oleh Dago Dream Park.

Terima kasih kepada para pengunjung yang sudah berpartisipasi mengikuti acara

Dan selamat kepada para pemenang.

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