Frequently asked questions

  • How much is the entrance ticket?

    The price of admission to Dago Dreampark Rp. 25,000, - weekdays and 30,000, - for weekends and public holidays. As for motorcycle parking Rp. 5,000, Rp. 10,000 and Bus Rp. 20,000 during operational hours.

  • Dago Dream Park Open Every Day?

    Yes, Dago Dreampark is open every day from 09.00 to 17.00 on weekdays & 08.00 to 18.00 on weekends

  • Can Large Buses Enter Dago Dream Park ?

    No, large buses cannot enter Dago Dreampark, only medium buses or 3 per 4 can enter. If you are going to visit Dago Dreampark by bus you are required to enter the Dago Giri area through Lembang, we also suggest that you contact our marketing team in advance.

  • Can Dago Dream Park Pre Wedding ?

    For Pre Wedding, you can ask directly to our marketing.

  • Is there a free ride at Dago Dream Park ?

    At Dago Dream Park there are free rides such as Hall of Fame, Butterfly, Lantern, Caping and others.

  • Can You Bring Food From Outside?

    We do not allow visitors to bring food from outside with the exception of snacks and drinks. Bring food from outside, a charge of Rp. 200,000 per person.

  • Does Dago Dream Park have a channel ticket?

    Sorry, in order to be able to provide even and comfortable travel for all visitors, Dago Dreampark does not provide boarding tickets. But Dago Dream Park tickets can be exchanged

  • Are There Discounts For Groups?

    We give a discount in the form of additional entrance tickets and rides. Discounts are only given to EO & Travel Agents.

  • Can you make certain events at Dago Dream Park?

    Yes, you can hold any event at Dago Dreampark. Starting from recitation, social gathering, report card distribution, thanksgiving, marriage, to a single organ you can do in Dago Dreampark.

  • Can tickets be exchanged?

    Yes, admission can be exchanged for stickers or key chains. Ride tickets can be redeemed with ice cream and other souvenirs.

  • Reservation Limits?

    Reservation limits are day-3 and day-1 for reservation items in the form of tickets only.

  • Are There Places To Eat At Dago Dream Park?

    Yes, in Dago Dreampark there is Dayang Sumbi Resto, Cafe De Java, Pine Foodcourt, Boat Foodcourt & The Bridge Foodcourt, each of which has unique and different food characteristics..

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